British business supports United Nations Green

Since its creation, the United Nations has sought to build sustainable links with the global business community. Its efforts have been rewarded. Business entities embracing corporate responsibility now work side by side with the UN to make the world a better place. Through the UN Global Compact, companies embrace ten universal principles, from supporting the protection of human rights, to working against corruption. The international business community now wants to partner with the international community to help solve humanity's problems. This is not only good global citizenship on their part. It is also good business.

Members of the UK Network of the UN Global Compact have come together to make possible the creation of United Nations Green and the installation of its commemorative black granite plaques. Also, they will be helping UNA Westminster and other groups in the UK to reinforce the UN’s message.

UNA Westminster which has coordinated the creation of United Nations Green expresses its gratitude to those members of the UK Network. By their agreement to universal principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption and their determined action on this, they can be seen as the UK’s most tangible example of support for the United Nations.